Pheasant Price List

We expect to have the following pheasants for sale in 2022. As some of the more unusual pheasants are in high demand we do advise letting us know early, if you are interested in the rarer species, so we can add you to a waiting list for them.
The prices are for a pair of birds but we can usually also sell pheasants singly for half the price listed.

Golden £60
Lady Amherst's £60
Reeves £50
True Silver £50
Lewis Silver £180
White Crested Kalij £80
Swinhoe £80
Koklass £170
Mikado £90
Elliot's £90
Himalayan Monal £210
White Eared £280
Siamese Fireback £180
Temminck's Tragopan £200
Satyr Tragopan £300
Grey Peacock £210
Germaine's Peacock £300
Palawan Peacock £380
Sonnerat's Junglefowl £90

Please note:
We only sell birds within the UK and Ireland and do not sell eggs or day old chicks.