A Year With Pheasants


Our first chicks leave us in August. We don’t sell any birds under 3 months old or that have not been in outdoor pens for at least a month without heat. They are also used to eating a variety of foods so there is less of a shock to them when they go to a new home and a different diet.

If anyone would like like a look round or wish to collect birds from us they are very welcome to come and see our aviaries (It does help if you phone first just to check we will be there). Please be aware however that we are NOT “open” to the public and do not have any amenities such as a tea room and toilets etc.

For customers not able to collect birds, we can arrange a courier to deliver birds. If you would like birds delivered by courier anywhere in the UK (mainland) please ask and we will see what we can do for you. We are not exporting birds in the forseeable future as the time travelling and such a big change of environment is extremely stressful for the birds and the amount of redtape and organization plus the higher number of cancellations, extra delays and problems causes too much stress for us.

For travelling, our birds are boxed in our recycled cardboard boxes with many ventilation holes. We use carpet offcuts (these are new as we do not wish to spread disease) on the base of the boxes. This allows the birds to get a good grip and not slide about as much when in transit. The top of the box (the underside) has foam padding attached as pheasants do have a bad habit of flying upwards and banging their heads. We have had birds arrive at us in the past in a terrible state as they have hurt themselves when en route by repeatedly jumping up in their box and hitting their heads. This can lead to serious injuries. Again the foam padding is offcuts from the furniture trade and is new even though it is considered a waste product. All of these precautions are to help protect the birds so they arrive at their new homes in the best condition possible. The birds do have access to water and food while in transit. They are likely to rest for much of the time however and tend to cope very well, even on long journeys.

If anyone is looking for some beautiful birds which they do NOT intend to breed we sometimes have adult birds which have failed to provide us with good strong chicks. These birds are still lovely but we sell them at a greatly reduced price as they will not be good breeders. Do ask us if you would prefer these reduced birds as it is nice to find them good homes where they will be loved even if they are not good parent material. We do occasionally have mature breeding birds for sale but they are in short supply and there is usually a high demand for them so we do not reserve them for long. We normally only sell them as we need space and new bloodlines. The best time of year to ask us for them is usually late spring and summer (late spring if you are hoping for eggs in the same year).

If you are interested in any of our birds or would like to know more about pheasants or our aviaries please just ask. You are very welcome to phone (this does not have to be during office hours), e-mail or come and see us and our birds.

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