Sonnerat's Junglefowl

Gallus sonnerati

As this species is new to us within the last year I have very little to write. I would love to hear from breeders about their own experiences with these birds and get some pointers, for ourselves, of what we should be looking for in perfect pure blooded Sonnerat's aka Grey Junglefowl.

Wild Sonnerat's Junglefowl live in Central and Southern India and have a varied habitat among deciduous forests, bamboo and evegreen trees as well as open scrub. They reside on lowland and up to heights of around 5000 feet. Their diet is just as flexible, consisting of seeds, insects, fruit and fresh shoots.

The Sonnerat cock is a beautiful bird having grey streaky plumage with shades of rich russet at the sides of the rump and on the wing coverts and of course the magnificent and highly unusual neck hackles with their prized waxy spangles of bright golden yellow. He also has a glossy black curved tail, a bright red comb and wattles and his legs are also red. His mate has shades of golden and medium brown with a darker upturned tail and white breast feathers broadly edged in black. As she matures her skin colour will become yellow.

According to my research the expected size of a clutch of eggs is between 4 and 7 and laying is likely to start in April. The incubation period is 20 - 21 days.

So far our Junglefowl seem to be pretty hardy. They've had a fairly mild winter here but weren't in need of extra heat. So far so good. We have a few pairs from different breeders and all are fairly tame birds. We are excited to see how the breeding season commences and I will update this page in due process, when we have more experience to comment on. In the meantime please check out our facebook page for snippets of information throughout the year and feel free to offer advice about our new additions to Allandoo Pheasantry.

Sonnerat's Junglefowl cock Sonnerat's Junglefowl hen
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